We call it THE Crate But truthfully sometimes its a basket too - but what it comes in doesn't really matter The Crate as it is affectionately referred to by its members is a monthly membership subscription of Weekly fresh baking delivered to you. Each crate contains a week of fresh baking from the bakery - some sweet --some savory-- and varies from week to week so you get a chance to explore what your family faves are. Each week you receive bread, pantry items, freezer items - cheeses or hummus, and a variety of treats to try. It is all wrapped up in a hand made wooden crate or a handmade basket -which you return every week - and exchange for a full one.  4 weeks of fresh - healthy- gluten friendly vegan whole foods.  One membership, a few choices( small , medium & large)  a few clicks & then you just enjoy for a whole month.  Eating well - just got easier for you & your family.  you're welcome. :) 



Small Subscription - Perfect for a couple or a single with some items to freeze. Cost $ 140.00 / month ($ 35/week)

Crate contains - 1 loaf of bread - a pantry item like crackers or granola- a freezer item like cookie dough - 1 cheese & 3 small baked items like muffins, cookies or bars. 

Medium Subscription - perfect for a small family. Cost is $ 220.00 / month

Crate contains - 2 loaves of bread, 1 pantry items - a freezer or shelf item - 1 cheese & 1 hummus- and 6 small baked items - i meal item such as a lasagna

large Subscription - perfect for a bigger brood - 2 loaves bread, 2 cheeses, 2 hummus, 2 pantry items, 1 freezer item, 6 small baked items - 1 meal item.  $ 300.00


Fresh local food



Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie pickup, is every Friday 4-8 pm or  Saturdays 10-3 pm  at The Grande Prairie Farmers Market location. 

 call 587.343.1848

 to subscribe or email : info@offthewheatenpath.ca